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Euro VI Emissions

This standard is the most stringent so far and the most effective in reducing regulated emissions. But, this has resulted in a number of potentially negative effects including increased diesel and AdBlue® consumption and higher maintenance costs. And the initial cost for a Euro VI vehicle will be higher than for an equivalent Euro V vehicle, but the difference will depend on the specification of the truck.

You can now purchase AdBlue for any vehicle be it Car, Van or Truck from S & B Commercials at competitive rates.

Volume: Part Number: RRP:
AdBlue 1.89 Litre A0005830107 £5.20
AdBlue 5 Litre A000583010709 £8.75
AdBlue 10 Litre A004989042012 £12.00
AdBlue 20 Litre A004989042015 £20.00

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