What is Predictive Powertrain Control - PPC?

  • Cruise control system that sees ahead reduces diesel consumption by up to 5% 
  • GPS data used for the first time to change gear and regulate cruise control
  • Sustained driver support for fuel-efficient driving

A cruise control system that can "see ahead." Predictive Power Control, now available in the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, reduces fuel consumption by 5%. Because the system is familiar with the topography of the road ahead, it is able to respond in a way that will deliver the most fuel-efficient performance.

This new driver assistance system really comes into its own when negotiating up- or downhill gradients. As the first GPS-based cruise control system, Predictive Powertrain Control not only intervenes to control speed and braking, but can now also regulate the transmission. The system thus extends use of the fuel-saving EcoRoll function, which is fitted as standard on the Actros, and will furthermore insert a carefully judged single or double downshift of gear at an early stage, where appropriate.

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PPC is now available as a retrofit item to various Mercedes-Benz Trucks and offers a potential saving of up to £7,020 over a 3 year period.* PPC can be fitted to your vehicle at any of our locations and comes with free driver training. Why not make contact with us and find out how our business could benefit from Predictive Powertrain Control.

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