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Mercedes-Benz Insurance is designed specifically to meet the exacting standards of Mercedes-Benz Vans owners. Our innovative products are able to offer the same piece-of-mind you demand from our vehicles.

Finance GAP Insurance

Mercedes-Benz Finance GAP Insurance is designed to meet the potential financial shortfall between the motor insurance settlement paid by the motor insurer.

Invoice GAP Insurance

Mercedes-Benz Invoice GAP Insurance is designed to ensure that in the event that your vehicle is written off you are able to buy a replacement vehicle of similar value, by paying the difference between motor insurance settlement and the invoice price you originally paid for the vehicle.

Combined GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance offers the policyholder the opportunity to not incur financial loss if their vehicle is written off and not replaced by the motor insurer; paying out only the market value at the time of loss.

Lease GAP Insurance

In the event of your vehicle being written off Mercedes-Benz Lease GAP Insurance is designed to protect you against the risk of any shortfall in your lease agreement.

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