MBFS Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Welcome to Mercedes-Benz Finance, the international commercial vehicle financial services, contract hire and fleet management arm of Daimler AG. Established in the UK nearly fifteen years ago, Mercedes-Benz Finance operates via the extensive Mercedes-Benz dealer network, providing specialist financial and operational expertise to HGV and LCV operators of any size and in any sector.

HP Hire Purchase & Hire Purchase with Balloon Payment

Hire Purchase with a balloon payment is an ideal choice for those looking for vehicle ownership, allowing you to spread the payments for a vehicle - and once all of the payments have been made the vehicle is yours.

Contract Hire

Contract Hire can ease the headaches out of running a commercial fleet. Instead of owning the vehicles, you hire them for a fixed period - typically 3 to 5 years - for a fixed monthly fee.

Mercedes-Benz Agility - PCP

Mercedes Agility is a method of acquisition similar to Hire Purchase, but in this case where monthly rentals can be kept low by agreeing a lump sum at the end of the term, referred to as the Guaranteed Future Value.

Finance Lease

With a Finance Lease agreement, a vehicle is hired to you for a fixed period without the option of ownership. At the end of the contract, the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle, less a small fee, are returned to you.

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is perhaps the simplest way to obtain a vehicle, where the vehicle is hired to you for a fixed period. It  is commonly used to acquire vehicles on a relatively short-term basis.

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