Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Traveliner

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Tourer

Each of our customers has to meet very specific challenges in his day-to-day work. And as these demands are becoming larger by the day, there are numerous Sprinter Traveliner variants to meet them.

  • 3 body lengths
  • 2 roof heights
  • Room for up to 9 occupants (for larger seat capacities please ask your dealer about the Sprinter minibus range)
  • 3.5 t gross vehicle weight
  • Numerous optional equipment elements
  • Range of weight variants: tonnages from 3.19 to 3.5 t
  • Optionally up to 3.5 t towing capacity for selected vehicle variants
  • Payload of up to 1179 kg
  • Cargo volume of up to 14 cbm


Variability is a major attribute of the Sprinter Traveliner: A few simple moves is all it takes to transform the passenger compartment with its generous seating configuration into a spacious cargo area capable of transporting the bulkiest and heaviest items with ease, within the maximum payload limits, as and when required. Near-vertical inner walls and levelled-off wheel arches allow the available load space to be used to the full. And thanks to the new, weight-optimised plastic flooring, the payload of the Sprinter is increased by up to 35 kg.

Big Variety. Small Effort.

Four sliding door variants are available for your passenger compartment, depending on body length and roof height. With clear widths as large as 130 x 182 cm. As an optional extra even on the left side additionally. 

The twin rear doors open 180º in which end position they lock into place – optionally they can open as far as the sidewall, which facilitates loading and unloading, in particular in tight spaces.

The sliding doors can be operated electrically (optional extra). This convenience feature allows the passenger-compartment sliding door to be opened and closed electrically in about 5 seconds – all at the push of a button. 

The optionally available electric closing aid for sliding door makes it easier to close the passenger-compartment sliding door, particularly when the vehicle is parked facing uphill. 

The electrically operated step for the passenger compartment sliding door enables you to get in and out more comfortably, as the entry height is reduced. It extends and retracts fully automatically on opening and closing the passenger compartment sliding door. It is of particular interest where goods are frequently loaded and unloaded or where the vehicle is being used as a shuttle vehicle to transport passengers, especially children or elderly people.

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