Mercedes-Benz Atego Engine

Atego Engines - Overview

The new Atego is available with a choice of two engine displacements and 7 power ratings from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp), each designed for maximum fuel efficiency, maximum torque and driveability, low noise & emissions and a long life with unsurpassed reliability. All ratings are offered complying with the most stringent Euro VI emissions standard, helping you to future-proof your business.

All are designed for economy, and the new Atego delivers outstanding fuel savings of up to 5% at Euro VI (compared to the already frugal predecessor). This impressive figure can be attributed in part to common-rail high-pressure injection system which injects fuel into the cylinders at up to 2,400 bar.

In addition to saving on fuel, the new truck engines will save in other areas with reduced AdBlue consumption of up to 40% reduction with Euro VI, maintenance costs no higher than Euro V, and increased design life.

OM 936 LA - 7.7ltr Engine

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OM 934 LA 5.1ltr Engine

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