Mercedes-Benz Antos Chassis Configurations

Mercedes-Benz Antos - Chassis

The chart below shows the standard Axle configurations available on Antos. As well as being available in both left and right hand drive, many of these configurations are available in different variants:

  • Standard Height (Standard and Loader models)
  • Low Frame (Volumer Model)
  • Heavy Duty Air suspension model

Other options are available making the vehicles even more configurable – for example steering rear axles on 6x2 vehicles, and to tailor the vehicles to suit your application even more precisely, our Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) service can provide vehicles to special order in even more configurations.

  Rigid/Drawbar Tractor


Frame & Suspension

Designed without compromise for on road distribution applications, the new frame is wider and stiffer to provide improved road holding and a better ride. The complete hole pattern, spaced at 50 mm intervals, makes for fast easy fitment of bodies and other equipment.

In addition, the Antos provides an enlarged range of wheelbases and overhangs as well as free choice in positioning of rear cross members.


Standard fitment across the Antos range is a newly developed 4-bag rear air suspension system, offering improved roll control and handling on rough roads. In addition, many models are available with front air suspension, for the ultimate in ride comfort and chassis height control.

The new rear axle guide, standard on 4x2 vehicles, offers even better road holding and steering precision due to the wider spread mounting points.

Fuel Tanks

Antos offers a wide range of fuel tank sizes across the range in four different profiles to suit the vehicle and its application. Wide tanks are available for maximum fuel capacity, with narrower tanks on offer to allow fitment of side skirts for aerodynamic improvements. A choice of AdBlue tank sizes is also available on certain models, both as separate tanks and as combined fuel and AdBlue tanks.

Fuel capacity of up to 1300 L is available from the factory on 4x2 tractors, with an array of combinations making it easy to specify the layout you require.

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